How Influencer marketing is supposed to be

using our unique marketing software solutions

Complete cooperations with reputable advertising partners. Increase your engagement and pay or earn money per Swipe-Up & Story View.

We provide you with:

The fastest software solution

SOCIALCOLLAB is a premium discovery platform that connects advertisers and influencers within minutes, according to the marketers specific target groups.

Free use of our service

SOCIALCOLLAB is 100% free. We do not have any memberships, running costs and no registration fees.

A Unique Payment model

The SOCIALCOLLAB software cooperates with our Influencers and Advertisers. Through the use of interfaces we provide a payment model that balances between advertising budget and influencer earnings.

How Influencer marketing is supposed to be!

SocialCollab is a unique influencer marketing and discovery platform that helps to connect advertisers to their target audience through personalized recommendations from world leading creators. We use proprietary interest and behavioral data to capture audience’s for our advertisers and lead the attention all the way to inspire our influencer’s communities actions.

Long term partnerships & Lead generation

Develop lasting and reliable partnerships. Generate unique traffic through the high trust commitment of a highly qualified influencer to his or her community.

Key Performance Indicators

A personal & positive recommendation is more valuable than a cold-aquired click via PPC. Influencers benefit from direct payment through everyday communication with their community. Advertisers gain high quality engagements and pay the creators directly per swipe up.

Brand Awareness

Increase your brand convictions by working with high quality brands and world leading Influencers. Enter partnerships within seconds and fill the missing gap in your marketing conception.



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SOCIALCOLLAB is the most advanced influencer platform in the world. Our revolutionary "pay / earn per swipe-up" billing system creates fair conditions for influencers and for advertisers. All services are billed transparently and easily traceable for both sides via the platform, making it easy to make influencer marketing accessible to companies and giving influencers the opportunity to access a number of collaborations by pushing one button.

Every company, as well as every influencer can sign up. However, since the swipe-up function is essential for cooperation, currently only influencers who have over 10,000 followers on Instagram can do collaborations. Other products are already planned that will allow even smaller influencers to collaborate with companies.

Membership is free for both influencers and advertisers.

That's entirely in your hands. When you create a placement on the marketplace, you determine the price that the influencer receives. The higher the price, the more interesting you are for influencers from your niche.

Through the software programmed by us, we can determine via an interface how many swipe-ups (unique clicks) have been created per cooperation.