Fast, easy
& effective!

Get cooperations within seconds! Influencer Marketing have never been that fast!

Complete cooperations with renowned partners, increase engagement and pay/earn per Swipe-Up & Story View.

Enormous Speed

SOCIALCOLLAB's software connects advertisers and influencers, ensuring that collaborations can be completed within minutes.

Completely Free

SOCIALCOLLAB is 100% free. No registration costs, no running costs, no membership.

Unique Payment Model

Commission by swipe-up or even by story view. Advertiser pay influencers when a click or view has taken place. No monthly charges!

Influencer Marketing newly defined

With our story based approach you are more interesing for advertisers than ever before!

And also you enjoy a lot of advantages:

Direct Payout

See you earnings live and get paid by them daily!

You decide the campaign

Choose what you want to promote. Seach on the marketplace for your favorite products!

No monthly charges

Seach campaigns, start cooperations and execute them. For free!

SOCIALCOLLAB is THE software solution for effective influencer marketing!

Just because influencer marketing is one of the most modern and popular marketing methods nowadays, it should not be that old-fashioned, complicated and unfair.
We offer a solution for you as an influencer to manage your cooperation quickly, easily and lucratively.

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Unique Influencer Marketing!

As you've already heard, you get paid at SOCIALCOLLAB per swipe-up or even per story view. We eliminate all problems with which you had to deal with you so far and enable you to enter cooperations via SOCIALCOLLAB for free.

  • Find and execute cooperations for free!
  • Get paid immediately for your results by the software.
  • Define and choose what you earn!
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