Fast, easy
& effective!

Cost per Swipe-up, Cost per Story View & more!
Influencer Marketing war noch nie so profitabel wie bei uns!

Complete cooperations with renowned partners, increase engagement and pay/earn per Swipe-Up & Story View.

Enormous Speed

SOCIALCOLLAB's software connects advertisers and influencers, ensuring that collaborations can be completed within minutes.

Completely Free

SOCIALCOLLAB is 100% free. No registration costs, no running costs, no membership.

Unique Payment Model

Commission by swipe-up or even by story view. Advertiser pay influencers when a click or view has taken place. No monthly charges!

Influencer Marketing newly defined

With our story based approach you only pay per performance!

And influencers love it!

Performance based invoices

Check the performance of your cooperations live and only pay per performance (e.g. per Story View or Swipe-Up)!

Influencer Reports

We are providing you with the best Influencer Insights on the Market like Audience Countries/Categories, Audience Growth, Engagement Rates and mutch more!

Analyze your campaigns

Keep track on your cooperations and check who and what performed best for you!

No monthly charges

Create campaigns, get applications and start cooperations. For free!

SOCIALCOLLAB is THE software solution for effective influencer marketing!

Just because influencer marketing is one of the most up-to-date and popular marketing methodsnowadays, it should not be as old-fashioned, complicated and slow for advertisers as it is used to be.

We offer a solution for you as an advertiser in order to be able to manage your cooperations quickly, easily and lucratively, to save a lot of time during processing and above all to pay a fair and clear price.

More Information

Unique Influencer Marketing!

As you've already heard, you pay Influencers on SOCIALCOLLAB per swipe-up or per story view. So you get a detailed overview of your budget and only spend money if you have actually received a click.

Of course, the value of the clicks has a tremendous leverage, since the recommendation of an inluencer to his or her community is worth much more than a simple advertisement in the feed. Finally no more long negotiations and advance payments! Influencers contact YOU to promote your product! You just have to confirm their request.

  • Only pay per Swipe-Ups/Story Views!
  • Direct marketing of your product from an influencer to their followers in a video.
  • Complete control of your campaign and reports.
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